Jozzelle the multimedia developer in animation and graphic design
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A little about me.

I have always pursued my love for animation with experience in scriptwriting, photography, video games, and even teaching.

After completing a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment at Qantm College (now known as SAE Institute) in 2012, I continued to work with many brands and clients in graphic design and animation to bring their brands to life.

I enjoy a challenge, and I frequently work without a brief, but I’m also quite meticulous and can adhere to guidelines as needed. I can manage and collaborate with a team of professionals, and I’m always welcome to a new and exciting challenge for my career.  When it comes to new software or techniques, I am a very fast learner and can come into new roles with very little direction. 

No matter the task, I always aim to be outstanding.


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Graphic Design

Here is a handful of some of my designs for clients. Click on an image to enlarge it. If you are looking for a specific type of design work, please contact me as I have worked in packaging, branding, print, web, and even games development.

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